Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Multi-State Cannabis Business Consulting

Since 2014, Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers has provided legal advice and consulting for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. Our team has practical, real-life experience developing new business models. We have worked in a number of legal states which include Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. While each state may have a different licensing model, we have the expertise to work with local and state authorities to increase your chances of state approval to operate. 

Marijuana Business Plans

Cannabis Business Planning

We firmly believe that all new business should have a business plan to understand what will be required to start a business. This becomes even more important with the ever-changing cannabis industry. We write investor ready Business Plans for Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, Cannabis Manufactures, Dispensaries, and Testing Facilities.  Our plans include financials and state-specific details on how to obtain licensing.

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Cannabis Application Management

The application process to obtain licensing to operate a compliant cannabis business can be a daunting task. At Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers, we have the expertise to assist with Project Management Support and Application Content Writing. Additionally, we can assist with writing Marijuana Standard Operation Procedures, Inventory Control, and Security Plans. 

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Financial Analysis

Understand the full cost to operate a medical marijuana business is important to gain investor funding and to understand the full cost of what it will take to open a marijuana business. Utilizing an experienced cannabis CPA, we combine real industry experience, credible pricing information, and state specific patient counts to provide estimated start-up costs and projected income statements. 

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